Save the pollinators a trip down the road, let them feast like royalty in your very own yard with this collection. Tailored to meet the needs of pollinators in the Greater KCMO Region, we cultivate most of these plants from our own seed, and many are collected from native flowers on our own farm. Our family has owned and grown on this plot for six generations now, and we can assure the quality, sustainability, and robust nature of our butterfly favorites. Your collection will include:


  1. Two varities of milkweed (asclepias >>>)
  2. One woody shrub, our choice of butterfly bush, common lilac, snowball viburnum, or limelight hydrangea.
  3. Five plants (our choice based on availability and seasonality) from the following options: Joe Pye Weed, Yarrow, Allyssum, Zinnias, Prairie Phlox, Garden Phlox, Hardy mums, Coreopsis, and Autumn Joy Sedum.
  4. We will send you plants to fill at least a 10' by 10' garden, after maturity of perrenials. This is the minimum required to certify a Monarch Waystation, via! We can do that to, of course, just select the option below to certify your garden and we will take care of the paperwork. Be sure to indicate below the name of your Station! And if that isn't a sweet enough deal, we will even come and plant the garden for you, if you desire. This option assures you that your garden will be profesionally tended for the entire first growing season in your garden.

Butterfly Garden Bundle

Waystation Certification
  • After planting, be sure to check that plants have at least one inch of water per week. Keep the surrounding soil weed free the first year so the plants have the best chance at thriving. Please limit the use of chemicals that would harm pollinators. 


Richmond, MO 64085