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Meet Beth

Hi there! My name is Beth Fortin, and I grow specialty-cut flowers in Hardin, Missouri. I lived with my father every summer for eighteen years on the land where we currently grow. I've loved tending flowers my entire life. I remember distinctly when it was time to go get plants from the greenhouse, I would fret and stew over each choice, and I never, ever had enough room or enough flowers. I watched both of my grandmothers endlessly tend their garden, which laid the foundation for my love of gardening. I owe most of my love of plants to them. As I grew up and moved away, I took a job working a nursery in Blue Springs, Missouri for the Scire family, who traveled on a banana boat from Sicily to start a life in the States. John Scire-the owner-was stubborn, vibrant, and extremely knowledgeable, and took the time to explain each part of my job to me. I fell in love with the seedlings, and transplanting, and succulents, and perennials, and shrubs... all of it. Then, I met a city boy, moved away, started a family, etc.Fast forward fifteen years, and we made a huge decision to move to the country to start our own flower farm. Joel (my adorable husband) quit his career, we uprooted the children, and here we are, four years later, growing on a little over an acre. There is so much more to that story, but all in good time.Thanks for reading, and thank you for supporting us as we do what we love... sharing the beauty of the earth.

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